When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law a few weeks ago, he ignited a firestorm. Suddenly, abortion dominated the headlines. Even people who would call themselves “pro-choice” took issue with New York’s law, because the thought of legalizing abortion throughout the entire 9 months of pregnancy goes beyond what most people can accept. In fact, New York joined 7 other states that already allow abortion through the entire pregnancy, one of them being New Jersey.

As I grieved and reflected on NY’s action and the attempts of other states that are trying to do something similar, the Lord reminded me again how critical First Choice’s ministry is. With no legal protection in place, the only protection for the unborn are pregnancy centers. In addition, the primary place where their moms will be loved, empowered and provided practical resources and support are pregnancy centers. By giving and serving in this ministry, we are part of the solution!

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