Caring for Fathers

Our ministry is mainly to women, but we’re also available to meet with the husbands/boyfriends of our clients. We welcome this opportunity because they play such a key role in our client’s decision to carry their babies.

Now, we have the opportunity to be involved in equipping these dads after their babies are born. The National Fatherhood Initiative is leading a father’s group in our Newark center every week. The dads who are attending are learning about the importance of marriage, how to lead by example, and how to contribute to their child’s health and well-being. One of the men who is coming is getting so much out of the group that he told a coworker about it who has five children and he is coming as well! Many of these men haven’t had fathers who have been good role models so they are learning a whole new way to parent.

While we continue to focus on our mission – to protect the unborn by empowering women – we’re thankful for the National Fatherhood Initiative and their ability to complement our mission in this way.

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