High Touch Through High Tech

“High Touch Through High Tech.” This was the title of a grant proposal we recently submitted to a foundation. Our request was for a little less than $9,000 so we could purchase iPads for all five of our centers. While our specialty is a personal connection, we know that young people today are especially receptive to technology and we have found that it holds the potential to help us better connect with the clients who come to us. The combination of “high-tough through high-tech” has been phenomenally sucessful through ultrasound exams for women at-risk for abortion. When a young mother sees her baby on the screen through real-time imaging, her heart connects in life-changing ways. Likewise, an iPad containing a fetal development app will enable us to take her further into her baby’s development, building the reality that the tiny being she is carrying is “her baby” and further enhancing the bonding process. Almost without exception, all of our clients are also at-risk for sexually transmitted diseases and have made destructive relationship and personal choices. iPads will also allow us to use powerful apps which have been developed on the dangers, symptoms and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases.

I’m pleased to say that the grant was approved and the iPads have been ordered! We look forward toexperiencing greater impact through this technology and are so grateful for the foundation that provided this for us.

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