Thank You!

One of our clients posted the following on our Facebook page today. What a blessing it is!


“My mom reminded me that 4 years ago today we walked into First Choice together feeling very scared and totally unsure on what to do about my “unplanned” pregnancy. I am so thankful for First Choice!!!!!!!!!!! This is the place where I got my first ultra sound, which changed everything! I am so thankful to the women at First Choice, they are so special, amazing and passionate about what they do! These brave women reassured me that everything would be okay, something I SO needed to hear during a time when I was the most vulnerable & scared! They spoke into my heart and their hope was contagious. They are the ones that helped me realize that this was God’s plan for me and that no baby is ever a mistake! Every baby is a special gift from God. I can’t imagine what might of happened, if I went somewhere else during this time of uncertainty and wasn’t met with such words of encouragement. Thank you First Choice, my son is the greatest gift in the entire world! I am beyond grateful that I am able to hug & kiss him every day! And just love on the sweetest boy in the entire world that calls me “mama”.?”

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