The Pro-Life Movements Modern Day Battle with Big Tech

In a modern-day saga reminiscent of the timeless tale of David and Goliath, Pregnancy Centers nationwide find themselves engaged in a battle against the subtle yet powerful tactics of Big Tech. This digital Goliath, while not a literal giant, poses a formidable challenge by suppressing their online presence, thus impeding their crucial outreach efforts.

Big Tech’s Impact on Pregnancy Centers

Last year, Google implemented algorithmic changes that resulted in Pregnancy Centers being demoted in searches related to abortion. This manipulation impedes their visibility on Google Maps, a vital platform where women often seek alternatives to abortion. Ads promoting life-saving options like abortion pill reversal are also disallowed by Google, hindering informed decision-making.

Meanwhile, Yelp compounds the challenge by affixing cautionary labels to Pregnancy Center listings, perpetuating the narrative that these centers are potentially deceptive.

On social media, giants like Facebook and Instagram contribute to the struggle by restricting ads targeting abortion-minded women and outright banning posts providing information on abortion pill reversal. The result is an increased difficulty for pregnancy centers to connect with women who need their support. Your prayers and support emerge as essential lifelines in navigating these challenges.

Additional Challenges Faced by the Pro-Life Movement

Over the past year, the pro-life movement has encountered multifaceted challenges.

Political Attacks

Senators in several states have launched aggressive campaigns to discredit and defame pro-life ministries. This disinformation campaign falsely portrays the services provided by these centers.

Censorship of Abortion Alternatives

Ads advocating alternatives to abortion have been systematically censored. This censorship undermines women’s right to make fully informed choices about their reproductive health.

Physical Attacks and Misinformation

Pregnancy centers face continued physical attacks on their buildings, threats to employees, and biased media coverage that spreads misinformation about the care these centers provide.

Defying Modern-Day Goliaths

In echoing the spirit of David, who questioned the audacity of Goliath’s defiance in 1st Samuel 17, we confront Big Tech, politicians, and the press. The question remains: Who are they to defy the armies of the living God? With a steadfast resolve, we stand firm, knowing that if God is for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?

In the face of relentless suppression and hostility, we persist in the fight for life. God’s unwavering love extends to each woman and each preborn child (Jeremiah 31:3). If you haven’t yet joined this crucial fight, your support is needed more than ever. For those already standing with us, your commitment is deeply appreciated.

Your Role in the Battle

Can you help us emulate David’s resilience in the face of modern-day injustice? We refuse to be silent and remain the voice for the voiceless. Your support today enables us to overcome these obstacles and reach more women needing life-affirming resources.

Stand with us in this spiritual battle. Give life today.

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