What’s Next?

“So, Aimee, what’s next?” It’s a question I’m asked frequently because of the rapid growth the Lord has given us recently. With two centers opening in the past two years and a doubling of the number of women coming to us and babies saved, we’ve experienced a growth that can’t be humanly explained. God has done it! And, as we enter a new year, my thoughts naturally turn to what the Lord has for us in 2015.

As I have sought His heart and prepared our budget, one of the objectives I’ve focused on is maximizing capacity in our existing centers. Our Plainfield center just opened two months ago – there is a lot of growth still to come! One of the ways we believe the Lord will bring more women is through our new website (www.1stChoice.org). It’s user-friendly and action-oriented, and can be translated into multiple languages. Since we have Spanish-speaking staff and translation capability for our English-speaking staff, this enables us to advertise specifically for Spanish-speaking clients. In fact, at the end of January we will be advertising on public transportation in English and Spanish.

We appreciate your prayers and support! We count on you to carry out the mission He has given us and pray that His work here encourages your heart.

– Aimee Huber, Executive Director

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